Teaching, research, and industrial consulting are among the academic activities carried out by the departments of ABR College. The study programmes are set up according to semesters. English is used as the instruction language.

Throughout the academic year, which is divided into two semesters with a minimum of seventeen weeks of instruction each, students are continuously evaluated. Semester End Examination (SEE) and Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) are the two components of evaluation. Every level of education balances the demands of academic studies with a variety of associated activities, such as co-curriculars.

The Extra Mural Lecture series features special talks on a variety of subjects of academic interest. The faculty hosts several conferences, symposia, and workshops that draw academics from all around the world.


M-F: 9:30am - 5:00pm


Chinairlapadu Village,
Kandukur Road,
Kanigiri Mandal,
Prakasam District,
Andhra Pradesh - 523254