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Thus, our motto is: Zero Tolerance to Ragging! A firm NO to ragging in any form!!

General Conduct Rules and Guidelines

ABR College of Engineering and Technology believes in treating its students like young adults. In general most students find life orderly and congenial in the campus. While the students, as adult citizens of the country enjoy their rights, they also are expected to be aware of their responsibilities. The institute will not support any act that is illegal as construed by the law of the land. As adults, the students are expected to have a fair sense of which act is legal and what is illegal. They should conduct themselves both inside and outside the Institute in a manner that is befitting an institute of this stature. In addition to being mature and responsible in conduct, the students are expected to respect the rights of the other members of the ABRCET community.

The Institute encourages an all round development of students’ personality and their progressive and creative thinking. At the same time, in order that they effectively discharge civic responsibilities and virtues, the Institute sets its own terms of conduct that must be adhered to by the students. The Institute can take action, if these terms are violated, through different Committees.

Social Conduct

Ragging is illegal and punishable in strictest and most exemplary terms as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of India. Each student must show due respect and courtesy to the Institute teachers, administrators, officers, employees, visitors, and residents. They must not infringe upon the rights of fellow students. In the event of proceeding on unscheduled leave on account of illness, family matter, etc, student must inform the Warden, faculty adviser and the concerned Head of the Department. The Institute facilities/amenities such as library, internet, playgrounds, hostels, laboratories and classrooms must be used responsibly.

Any willful damage and misuse of the facilities/amenities constitutes an act of indiscipline. In the event of an illegal activity in the campus, the institute is obligated to permit the police and judiciary intervention. In the event of students’ involvement in any activity outside the campus which is punishable by the law of the land, the institute shall in no way provide any support to them and will not be responsible either for any action. All major acts of indiscipline, which may have serious implications on the general body of students, and which may warrant a uniform and more formalized nature of investigation, shall be handled by the Students Disciplinary Committee. Based on the recommendations of this committee the Principal as the Chairman, Management approves the punishment recommended.

For an offense committed (a) in the Department or a classroom and (b) elsewhere, the Head of the Department shall have the authority to reprimand or impose fine or take any other suitable measure. All cases involving punishment other than reprimand shall be reported to the Chairman of the Standing Disciplinary Committee.

General Instructions

(a) Anti-Ragging Committee: The  Institute  has  set  up  an  Anti-Ragging  Committee  headed  by a  Senior  Professor.  It  will comprise senior faculty members, staff  and  a Police representative

This  Committee  will  ensure  that  no  incidents  of  ragging  as  given  in  this  Regulation  takes place,  and  it  will  also  monitor  and  ensure  that  the  instructions  of  this  regulation  are  fully followed in letter and spirit at all times.

The  Committee  will  also  maintain  the  strictest  vigil  at  all  times  and  ensure  that  the  Anti-Ragging  Squad  of  the  Institute  carries  out  its  functions  properly.  It  will  deliberate  on  the reports  of  the  Anti-Ragging  Squads  or  of  any  other  person  who  witnesses  the  incident  of ragging, or on the complaint of any fresher or other students, and determine the punishment, namely, Institute level disciplinary action or filing FIR with police or both.

(b) Institute-level Anti-Ragging Squad: The   Anti-Ragging   Squad   of   the   Institute   comprises   senior   faculty   members,   and representatives   of      students.   Its   function   includes   going   around   /   patrolling   the Departments,    common  areas  of  the  Campus and  other  premises  like  playground,  and maintain vigil at all times on all days and take action if they notice any incident of ragging or attempt at it.

The Anti-Ragging Squad also has the responsibility to investigate incidents of ragging and report  it  forthwith  to  the  Anti-Ragging  Committee.  The  Anti-Ragging  Committee  may  also entrust the Squad with specific investigative jobs.

(c) Faculty Advisors: Each student will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisors would frequently interact  with the  students,  or  the  students  can  freely  approach  them  for  any  help  or  advice.

(d) Do’s and Don’t s for Fresher Students:

  • Be courteous to all. It will make a favorable impression of you.
  • Always speak the truth, but never be blunt.
  • Always keep your cell phone with you. Keep it on silent / vibration mode.
  • Load your cell phone with all important contact numbers of the Institute / hostels / your parents.

Anti-Ragging Patrols

If  necessary,  Anti-Ragging  Patrols  may  be  specifically  detailed  by  the  Chairman,  Anti-Ragging Committee. These patrols may operate 24 hours in the campus,  hostels, and nearby premises.

Reporting of Ragging Incidents or Apprehension thereof

Freshers are requested to report any ragging-related matter to the any faculty or staff member, Faculty Advisor, or any member of the Anti-Ragging Committee or Squads. Any fresher student who went through or is apprehensive of an impending ragging incident shall  promptly  report  it  to  any  member  of  the  Anti-Ragging  Squad  or  the  Anti-Ragging Committee, or to the Staff Advisor, or any  faculty member or staff by any means such as, in  person,  by  phone  call,  by  e-mail,  by  written  note,  etc.  The  written  complaints  may  also be  dropped  in  the  drop boxes  kept  prominently  for  this  purpose  at  various  locations  in the academic buildings and hostels. The complaints can even be anonymous.

Action Procedure

Anti-Ragging  Patrol  or  Anti-Ragging  Squads shall  immediately  report  any  incident  of ragging or attempt or conspiracy for ragging, or any related complaint to the Anti-Ragging Committee.  The  Anti-Ragging  Committee  will  consider  the  matter,  investigate  and  take immediate action as per the situation.

Instructions to Parents

  • Instruct your wards to desist  from ragging freshers or other students in any form.
  • Keep regular contact with your wards and monitor their well being and academic progress.
  • Frequently  interact  with  the  Faculty  Advisor  and  other  faculty  members  to  track  the  welfare and progress of your wards (every student will have a faculty advisor).

Freshers’ Induction

The   academic   session   begins   with   a   special   two-week   orientation-cum-induction programme  to  wean  the  freshers . This  is  a  structured  programme  consisting  of  a  variety  of  activities  including  discussions,  cultural  programmes,  sports  and yoga; the  idea  is  to  bring  about  healthy  social  interactions  among  students,  faculty  and staff,  and  to  introduce  the  newcomers  to  the  local  environment  and  culture.  The  junior students are advised to take full advantage of this programme, and interact with their peers, seniors,  teachers  and  other  staff,  and  tide  over any  homesickness  or  other  difficulties.


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